BeBeVu OB-GYN's get powerful tools for marketing and building their practice!

It's easy to get started!

  • Sign up with basic practice information and contacts.
  • Provide pictures, bios, services, and we'll customize The Baby CD for your practice.
  • Receive BeBeVu converter and Baby CDs. Plug and Play ready!

BeBeVu Ultrasound Service

We provide the hardware, software and service so the ultrasound will be waiting for her in the BeBeVu 'Cloud' to view online and download to computers, smart phones, and tablets!

The Baby CD

The Baby CD is an innovative strategy for reaching new moms that has become unattainable due to HIPAA legislation. This interactive and educational pregnancy resource is provided to patients to be used repeatedly over the course of their 9-month term.

Exclusive to practices

BeBeVu is only available at OB-GYN offices and hospitals across the country. We offer our technology directly through practices, thereby providing safety, compliance and savings.

Patients no longer have to get entertainment ultrasounds at third party boutiques, which the FDA discourages. Instead, patients receive their full motion ultrasound video instantly after their prescribed diagnostic ultrasound.

100% accurate

Our main point of distribution for our services is the OB-GYN directly to new moms. Due to this, our demographic of early term, young new moms as a user is 100% accurate.

We have users as early as 6 weeks into their term. The modern mom expects digital resources for their pregnancies - and The Baby CD and BeBeVU deliver with total accuracy!

Share with friends & family!

BeBeVu stores ultrasounds in our secure cloud for easy access on Windows and Mac devices and shareable on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube).

First pics and video - instantly

When a patient has completed their ultrasound, her baby's first pictures and video will be available in the BeBeVu cloud for her to access when she gets home.

Build your practice's brand!

By offering BeBeVu and The Baby CD, you provide exclusive services that patients are demanding right now.

Reduce your costs.

Reduce the cost and time handling and distributing pamphlets and brochures. By giving out The Baby CD, you give your patients the best, interactive pregnancy education tools.