Our Staff

Timothy Kelley, President/CEO

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Mr. Kelley is an experienced business planner with extensive experience in marketing products in the medical arena. Education was completed at Northwestern University in Organizational Behavior. Marketing pharmacy benefit management, selling of pharmaceuticals, to veterinary pharmaceutical and medical equipment distribution, led Mr. Kelley to forming Sutherland Technologies, a business of marketing medical grade media (CDs, DVDs) to hospitals worldwide under an outsourced management agreement with TDK. To further promote the sales of this media, the company developed a recording system to place medical images on to CDs. With the rapid success of this developing market, Sutherland Technologies was absorbed by TDK to better apply internal resources to this burgeoning market. Managing nearly 40 sales and marketing professionals, Mr. Kelley expanded marketing throughout North and South America and the European community. The establishment of key OEM partnerships with GE, Siemens, and Philips put TDK Medical products at the forefront of this market.

Upon leaving TDK Medical, Mr. Kelley founded his own radiological recording and media company C&C Medical where they developed a new market brand, Same Day Labs. After producing $4 million in sales in less than two years, Mr. Kelley sold out of this company to form another radiological recording company, Nautilus Medical, for the purpose of developing medical recording software. During this time, Mr. Kelley applied his experience with medical information recorded on CDs to develop a new business model of disseminating key information on a platform for expecting mothers that would produce revenue through sponsors without the cost being passed onto the user. As President of The Baby CD, Mr. Kelley will continue development of the Company vision of becoming the de facto standard of information given to expecting and new mothers.

Steve Austin, COO

Mr. Austin qualified at an early age with Deloitte and Touche as a British Chartered Accountant, having graduated from the University of Hertfordshire Business School on an accelerated program for entry into the Institute of Chartered Accountants training program.

A wide array of post qualification experience with Deloitte led to senior finance (CFO) and general management positions with large medical device companies around the world, based in Europe and the US, including Johnson & Johnson and Becton Dickinson. Mr. Austin's last position in industry was as General Manager for Becton's largest division in Europe, with P&L responsibility for over $200mm in sales in 30 countries and three large international manufacturing plants. During the previous decade, substantial experience was gained and success achieved in sales growth, new product introduction and product development, strategic marketing, clinical and organizational development, large business turn-around, manufacturing restructuring, R&D management and consulting.

Upon relocation to Dallas, Mr. Austin founded his own new venture consulting and investment business - Accretus Ventures LLC - focusing entirely on healthcare and life sciences to leverage his extensive experience, market knowledge and network. Since investing in The Baby CD in 2007, Mr. Austin has been instrumental in developing the business plan, refining sales and marketing strategy, reviewing and recommending improvements to the management and control structure and liaising with potential investors. He has accepted the role of Chief Operations Officer to help manage the orderly growth and expansion of the business.

Sandi Kleemann, Business Development & Marketing

30+ years experience in promotional marketing with key CPG manufacturers. Founded B2B with annual billings of $470 million. Recipient of various Industry Awards: Industry Best Practices (1997 and 2003), US Postal Inspection Service Private Sector Award (2003)

Marc DiDomenico, Senior Developer

Experience in TV, video post-production, and flash development led Mr. DiDomenico to mastering multiple application platforms. He has secured his place as Senior Developer responsible for the technical, aesthetic, and overall functionality of hundreds of thousands of CD users in a single market.

Board of Advisors

Jack Kraft

Specialization: Jack Kraft has more than 35 years of diversified management experience. Originally, he was in the advertising and marketing business with two of the top agencies in the industry. For the past dozen years Jack has been an active Founder, Investor, Advisor and/or Board Member of a number of technology service firms.

Mike James

Specialization: Mr. James joined Accredo Health in April 2006 as president of Accredo Therapeutics. Previously, Mr. James served in the capacity of senior vice president of worldwide commercial operations for Sonic Innovations for four years. Prior to Sonic Innovations, he served in management positions with Motorola, Medtronic, Abbott Laboratories, Baxter Healthcare Corporation and Nestle

Bruce Shaw

Specialization: Currently President and CEO of Harvard Common Press, Mr. Shaw specializes in the acquisition and development of premium pregnancy and childbirth information for HCP's extensive line of parenting titles. With over 30 years of experience in book publishing, Mr. Shaw has a keen understanding of how to create and distribute quality content both in-print and online. He is also taking advantage of advancements in digital publishing to further expand awareness and engagement around the Harvard Common Press brand.

Mike Diamond

Specialization: Currently serving as CEO of WoundRounds. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Diamond has overall responsibility for the management of the Company. Mr. Diamond has over seventeen years of Healthcare technology experience in sales management and marketing. Mr. Diamond has held various Executive Management roles in emerging information technology start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. He recently served as Founder and Managing Partner of Insight Technologies and Senior Vice President of E&C Medical Intelligence.